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“Standing United is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) that gives much needed assistance to people struggling with addiction and homelessness.

Born out of the gut wrenching experience of watching our own loved ones struggle with and often times lose the deadly battle with addiction.  Most of us never thought it would happen to anyone we knew, but when it did we were completely unprepared.

After seeing so many overcome by the deadly grip of addiction, stripping the life out of family and friends, until many end up dead or on the streets. Many who want to reach out don’t know where to turn. In fact there is such a negative stigma associated with drug addiction that many don’t even talk about it. That’s why STANDING UNITED is doing just that.  Its time to bring drug addiction out of the shadows of shame and secrecy. Its time to shine the light on this terrible epidemic and take a stand for those who can’t stand on their own.

With your support we are able to extend our reach to those suffering from this terrible epidemic. We help people reintegrate into society and become productive citizens. We’re relentless in our commitment to restoring lives and families.  So many are in need, please stand with us and make a difference today.

No one of us is as strong as all of us, our efforts together are making a difference, thank you for your support.”